IKON trip pt 3 – 30 year slides

As we rounded the corner on the pass during moderate snow, we saw the carnage of an avalanche slide. Apparently many places that haven’t slid in over 30 years were now sliding. We rallied up and parked near the train tracks and learned that travelling to Winterpark by train is still a thing and it serves many guests still. Hmmm, could this be the answer to the growing traffic issues on HWY 89 in Truckee? We jumped on the Cabriolet and glided over roads and tubing area to the main gondola entrance. We had heard about this place called Mary Jane’s and so decided to try that area first. They had about 8 inches of fresh snow and right away we fell into a good pocket of tree’s and glades that weren’t too steep. We explored most of the mountain that day but Mary Jane area was by far the best. Winterpark delivered and that’s one mountain down and a few to go. We heard Copper mountain got more snow than anyone and an avalanche took out a gas line near the Copper mountain resort and they closed. Hmmm, does that mean untracked runs when they re-open? I decided to feed my information addiction by focusing on the status at Copper for a possible visit for Day 2.

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