IKON trip complete – Snowboarding in 4 states in 1 week. Here is what we experienced….

Follow the storm they said. It would be fun they said…they were right!

We just returned to California from our IKON pass ski trip to Colorado and Utah. It was as Californians used to say “Hella Fun”. Waking up the day of your flight to Colorado and looking out the window and seeing some snow at lake level is a conundrum in the making. Bags weren’t packed, gloves still not dry, Squaw was reporting several inches and still coming down. FOMO sets in and I throw the board in the truck and head to squaw. With the watery rain/snow mix and whatever the plows did (or didn’t do) sent my truck sideways going up squaw valley road. My old pizza delivery driver experience skills kicked in and I corrected my trajectory with style and made a run on Red Dog before heading over to the empty lift line at KT. Upper mountain was closed at the time again, so KT was the highest I could get. I hit up my usual spots until I was drenched in water and out of time. After hours of finagling with luggage, trying to cram everything for a week into a small board bag, I gave up and ended up purchasing an extra bag to fly with. No big deal, because we are driving back to Tahoe after the trip.

…check bag…check back for more of the story!

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