After winning a small video submission contest for an outdoor magazine OutsideTV, Chris began getting more requests to help small business owners edit and make sense of the online digital media world. So many small business owners are missing opportunities to attract customers due to under or incorrectly utilizing online media marketing options. In 2019, Chris studied the newest digital marketing essentials at UNR and decided to focus on helping clients with the online video content side of their marketing efforts. Go to the Contact page and send Chris a message to get started engaging with your audience. Uploading your existing unedited video’s to the online workspace environment is as simple as dragging and dropping the files. Chris can review the content remotely and meet with you to go over your ideas and create a simple edit plan. On location video capturing and production services are available on a limited basis. Create an ad, assemble a message or perhaps tell a story of an experience or an achievement. Your time is valuable, rent Chris’ time instead of learning the details of video editing, formatting and social media content creation and constraints with ChrisTake Video Editing services!